Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Glow Worm Tunnels

Today we took our grandson, Oli, on a visit to the Glow Worm Tunnels near Lithgow. Its about 30 km drive from the town through pine logging areas and into the Wollemi National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park.

Neither of us were expecting such a beautiful place. We drove through one of the old shale railway tunnels before reaching the car park then it was about a 1km walk to the glow worm tunnel. What a beautiful place it was. The scenery was spectacular both before and after the glow worm tunnel.

Mike and Oli (peeking from behind the rock)
Oli and I in a narrow cutting.

We walked from the carpark for about half an hour to reach the glow worm tunnel. The tree ferns and trees were spectacular along with the amazing cliffs on either side of the cutting. The creek ran along side where we were walking and at times went underneath big rocks forming deep caves below.

The glow worm tunnel itself was quite long and very dark. The creek ran through the tunnel and we had our torches to show the way. Deep inside the tunnel we turned off our torches and soon we could see the tiny lights of the glow worms high on the ceiling of the tunnel. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to see the tiny little glow of the worms.

Mike and Oli at the exit from the tunnel. You can see the water flowing through.

Beyond the tunnel was a large open area full of big tree ferns and the cliff was cut away from the water running through for millions of years. The little bridge allowed us to walk through easily. It reminded me a lot of the entrance to Jenolan Caves.

Looking back at where we exited the tunnel.   

The tree ferns were spectacular and plentiful.

Beyond the tunnel we walked on and eventually we could see the Wolgan Valley below. On either side we could see huge cliffs and caves. The pictures didn't really do it justice but you can get an idea of what it was like.

A culvert cut into the rock to provide drainage for the train track.
Oli behind a huge piece of rock that had slipped down from the cliff.

All along the way there were small reminders of the industrial feat that had existed on this path. The culvert above, small pieces of train track, large iron pipes underneath the track for drainage and the cuttings in the rock, all reminders of the past use of this area.

After completing our walk, and little legs getting a bit tired on the way back, we had a tailgate picnic in the carpark and then set off home.

What a great day! So much more than we expected. Well worth the visit and I would definitely go back again. to explore it further.
Oli balancing on some old rail tracks

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