Saturday, 21 February 2015

A big month

Its been quite a while since my last post due to us moving house. Its been a hectic few weeks but we are just about there. Just one room left with some boxes to sort out and a few things to tidy up at our old house and we are done. The storage unit is full, the house is full and we have made quite a few trips to the op shop. I have sworn off op shops and garage sales and any kind of unnecessary shopping since moving. I cannot believe how much stuff we have and I have to admit that most of it is down to me!

We have finally had a new door installed with my first leadlight window in situ and I am delighted with the result.

It even looks quite good with the screen door closed behind it as the pattern shows through and looks quite effective.

I have sorted out my new sewing room which is a tad smaller than the old one but still big enough. Its nice a light and everything fits in. It was a very dull day when I took this photo.

It's nice to have my machine right under a window, even if all I can see is a sandstone wall. I think I might plant some colourful flowers out there to improve the view.

We have replaced the guttering along the front of the house so now the covered area between the house and the retaining wall doesn't flood every time it rains. This is a major breakthrough! 

As we were moving our neighbour offered us this beautiful dresser for free. His mum did all the leadlighting in it and there was no way I was going to pass it up, even though we are overloaded with furniture. I decided it would be a perfect storage space for my stash.

The leadlighting is so very well done and the cupboard has a light in the top of it so that the windows can be illuminated. Just waiting for the resident electrician to install a new power point behind it for me so I can show it off.

The cupboard needs a bit of work, but for now its just fine. The beautiful windows hide my stash really well!

It is already two weeks since the Oberon steam fair and as promised here are some photos of our engine on the day. We lead the traction engines in the parade and towed a wagon with large logs on it. Our grandson was up there with us too. Mike was the official photographer. It was a really fun day. I have to say though that traction engines are not built for passengers and I thought my teeth were going to fall out from the vibrations! It was also really noisy. Small children covered their ears as we went past!!!

There were some beautiful vintage cars at the festival as well as many other historical vehicles. This one took our eye. We have the same vehicle in our shed, a 1938 Dodge, in need of restoration. My brother restored it when he was about 25 but unfortunately it has deteriorated again due to many years out in the weather. Maybe one day we might restore it to its former glory, as has been done with this beauty.

I am really enjoying living so close to our daughter and grandsons. Walking Oli to school in the mornings is a delight. He is so excited to have started kindergarten and really looks forward to going each morning. I dont go every day but its a good hike for me down to Erin's place so I will try to keep it up a few days a week. We have settled in pretty well really considering we spent 29 years in our last house. It sure has been a big month.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

An unusual birthday treat.

This is our 1908 Marshall traction engine which ventured out of the shed last Saturday. It belonged to my brother, Warren, who bought it in 1973 in a very delapidated state. He spent many hundreds of hours restoring it up until he died in 2005. After that, three of his friends, Barry, Bob and Ray, also spent many years of Saturdays completing the restoration and getting it going. It was a big day the first time it came out of the shed, literally under its own steam, a few years ago.

Anyway, last Saturday, which happened to be my birthday, we had a fun time taking the engine for a run down Mt York Road to Bardens Lookout. It hasn't been steamed up for about 2 years so it needed a test run to make sure all was working well. It will be on display at the annual Highlands Steam and Vintage Fair in Oberon this Saturday and will be in the grand parade with all the other historic vehicles. The parade goes up and down the main street of Oberon and includes all sorts of vintage vehicles including traction engines, tractors, trucks, cars and motor bikes.  It is registered with RMS and the boiler has been recently inspected to ensure that it is safe.

Our 'son in law' Seb will be driving her in the parade. He has grown up with traction engines and handles it as if it were a car. Last Monday he expertly drove her up onto the back of a huge truck sent by Oberon Council to collect her for the festival.

This gives you an idea of how big she is.
We had to get the caravan out of the shed first, then the tractor then the traction engine! The tractor hasn't been started for a long time either. It blows perfect smoke rings once it gets going.

This is me on the tractor. It was bouncing me around with each chug!
Seb and friend, Kurt, on the tractor.

The engine near the top of the driveway.


So it was a memorable birthday. Sometimes the unplanned things are the best!

I hope to have some pics of the engine in the big parade in Oberon for my next post.