Thursday, 29 January 2015

On the move

Our plum and peach trees at Mt Victoria are fruiting at the moment and it was fantastic to find that the plums were soft and sweet and very edible. I think this is the first year this has happened. Usually the birds get them then they fall on the ground while still hard.

 The peaches are still hard but I am hopeful that they will soften up too so we can try them.

Maybe next year I will have enough to fill up a few of my many Vacola bottles!

We've had lots of visitors lately.  We see them all the time on the road when we go into the village. Driving along our road you need to be very careful as you never know what is going to hop, slither or fly out of the undergrowth.

Our big move is about to happen so my next post will be from our new permanent abode at Mt Vic. The next chapter is about to begin. Heading off into the unknown is always a bit scary but it will be an adventure. I'm looking forward to setting up my new sewing room and getting everything sorted out and organised. Then we can start on the yard and gardens and that will keep us busy for ages, and ages, and ages...........

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Decisions, decisions.....

I have finally finished the little red and white blocks I have been working on. All 16 are now finished and I just need to decide how to arrange them.

Originally I was thinking that they would look nice in a row and would make a bright, albeit small, table runner.

But then I thought it would make a nice little wall hanging or a square table centre.

My computer has again decided to change the orientation on my photo! Oh well..... There are lots of ways to arrange the square. The one above, which I think looks like it's all spinning, or maybe this one

or this one.

It's a bit hard to choose although I think the last one is my favourite. The white squares suggest to me a spot for some nice quilting. I think this might be the one. It will only be 12 inches square so maybe a little border will look good around it.

These are some of the beautiful gladies that are out in the garden at Mt Vic. Since I picked these ones, a yellow with red centres and a pink and mauve have come out too. So pretty and cheerful!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

A new addition

Introducing Myles Marshall Gray born at 8.30 this morning, weighing 3900g (or 8lb 6oz).

Mum, Dad and baby all doing well. What a joy!