Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Table and a Wombat

The painting is coming along and now we have only two more bedrooms to go. There are still lots of fiddly bits to do, which are down to me, but the progress so far is heartening. The house is looking warm and cosy and is so much more comfy than it was. It looks clean and fresh and even smells good!

The weather over the weekend was very cold. We visited the farmers market at Blackheath on Sunday and it was 2 degrees as we set off from home. We saw a family of kangaroos, dad, mum and baby, and a lyre bird on the way as well. The kangaroos were down towards the more populated part of our road and were heading towards the oval, probably for some breakfast.

At the Imperial Hotel on Saturday evening, when we dropped in for a beer and a warming shiraz, we met Chloe, who is a six month old baby wombat. The bar attendant has taken on her second orphaned wombat to care for. The first one she had, Rosey, has been released back into the wild. Both babies were found in their mum's pouches after they were hit by vehicles on the road.

Chloe was soooo cute. She was tucked up inside a beanie and a handbag!

Our big shed, where the traction engine sleeps, has all sorts of other stuff in it and most of it is pretty dirty and dusty. One of the things down there was an old wooden table which had had a hard life! However, I could see it had once been a very nice piece of furniture. It was covered in dirt and an oily greasy film of muck which took some serious scrubbing and de-greaser to get off. However, after a clean and a serious going over with an electric sander it came up a treat. I only wish I had taken a photo before we started. It looked terrible....

Mike painted it with some stain and then after another sand, a coat of clear lacquer, and this is how it looks in the dining nook! It has lots of marks on it which still give away its hard life but it looks great and fits perfectly. Its so nice to bring it back to life again.

Thats my Jacobean Star quilt ( a Chris Jurd design) hanging on the wall which brightens up the room too. The flowers are beautiful proteas which we bought at the farmers market in Blackheath.

It was a great weekend, catching up with old friends and family.