Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tea Towel Tuesday

For quite a while I have been collecting linen tea towels, preferably preloved or vintage ones. It all started with a visit to a second hand shop in the southern highlands one weekend where I bought five or six lovely colourful vintage tea towels from all over the place, including a 1984 calendar tea towel. I took this as a sign as we were married in 1984! I decided it was a good thing to collect as they don't take up much room, are practical and not too expensive.

My friend Grace, who lives in outback western Queensland, is also a collector and has sent many wonderful specimens my way over the past few years.

This box was a gift from Grace for Christmas a few years ago.
These are a few of my favourite retro tea towels.

These two belonged to my mum who was very politically active for most of her life. Protest tea towels if you like! These ones date back to the 70's or 80's I'm guessing

I have all sorts of tea towels. Recipe tea towels, calendar tea towels, ones featuring states,cities or regions, some with silly slogans, plain ones, stripy ones, etc etc.  I will show off a few more of the best ones in future posts.

Last night I finished my Chocolate Stars quilt and hung it in our hallway. Only the label to go now and its ready for the Springwood Community Quilt Show.