Saturday, 17 October 2015

It's October already!

Time is flying by and I haven't made a post for ages. Things have been flowing along nicely and we have been making more improvements to the block and having some fun with the traction engine.

It went on an outing to Lithgow a few weeks ago. This is the truck that transported it from our house to the showground and back again. It was an enormous Kenworth. The engine weighs about 14 tonnes so is quite large but it looks like a toy on the back of this truck!

The boiler had to be filled up before we left home. I think the sign is funny as it is immediately obvious that this is a slow moving vehicle! However, it is a condition of our registration that this sign be displayed whenever it goes out on the road.

This is a lovely picture of Erin, our daughter, and her little family. Seb, her partner, is our traction engine driver and he does a great job. He is very skillful and knowledgable and is happy to talk to anyone who is intersted in the engine and how it works.

The vege seedlings in the hot house are coming along nicely. The ones that are growing the best so far are the spinach, lettuce, zucchini, basil and rocket. It's very encouraging as we really dont know much about growing veges.

One of the biggest improvements around the house has the turf we have placed out the back. The picture below was taken just as it was laid. It makes the whole place look so much more civilised and homely.

It has browed off a little now but is still going well. Mike has also done a great job of fixing up the area at the end of the house where the clothes line is. It too has been turfed, a lovely brick path has been laid using bricks which were covered in dirt under the clothes line and we have planted some colourful flowers. We have also installed an additional water tank which gives us an extra 3000 litres (if it ever rains, of course!)

The other gardens we have planted are also starting to look good as the plants become more established.

The birds are always around to keep Mike company while he is working outside. The king parrots are very cheeky and come right up to the window when they are expecting some seed. The kookaburra is never far away when Mike is digging, reading to swoop on any bugs and worms that are exposed.

I have finally put together a quilt I have been making for our daughter. It's enormous, about 96" by 96" but I think it looks great. Cant wait to get it quilted. I am going to use up some orphan blocks on the back to make it a bit more interesting.

My first foray back into dressmaking was a success. I made this lovely Tessuti Lily Linen Dress to wear to a wedding recently. It was very easy to put together and comfy to wear.

Erin was the bridesmade and looked lovely in her vintage David Jones' dress. The wedding was held at the Norman Lindsay Gallery which was a perfect venue for a garden wedding.

Thanks for stopping by!