Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Winter is here

A visiting mountain lowry in the bird feeder.
 It's been a bit chilly up here at Mt Victoria lately! The days are short and the temperature drops early in the afternoon but the house is warm and the log fire is great! Flickering flames in a glowing fire are much better entertainment than telly a lot of the time!

I have been trying to keep up the walking since it got cold and have been reasonably successful. I have come to the conclusion that as long as you wear the right clothes, and enough of them, its not that bad!

Frost on Mt York Road
Work has started again on the hothouse. Mike has been busy painting all the timbers which have never been painted before and have been out in the weather for decades. The roof is on and now we are deciding on the material for the walls. It will probably be glass as we have a lot of it hanging around the place which will just go to the tip otherwise. Also I would like to be able to see out of the hothouse and look at the view while I'm in there as it is in such a nice sunny spot.

It's not as much of a shambles as it looks in this photo!
A skylight diffuser that was in our house at Warrimoo has been repurposed as a wall in the hot house. It was just going to sit in the shed doing nothing so why not! I think it looks great and we have found some other old windows in the shed which we can fit in as well.

Here is a before and after shot of the window above. Very satisfying!

The new leadlight skylight diffuser is now in place in the lounge room at Warrimoo. I was very happy to see it slot in perfectly and not sag in the middle!

We have been burning some piles of leaves in the evenings as there is so much fuel on the ground. This is also a really nice thing to do. A glass of red standing by a glowing fire in the evening is good for the soul (as long as you have your coat and gloves on of course)!

The scrap quilt I am making for our daughter and her partner is progressing well. Not many more to go now. Its going to be huge!

I am really happy with the colours and think that it will look great when its finished. All of this fabric came from my stash. Needless to say, there is still plenty left. Some of the fabric combinations are not what I normally would have chosen, however, Erin loves things a bit different and I have had to try to step out of my comfort zone a bit. I guess we always find this challenging but I am surprised by how much the odd blocks are growing on me.

Our Rayburn stove has been getting a good workout lately. Its lovely to use on a cold day. It keeps the house warm and cooks dinner at the same time. We cooked up a storm for a curry night on the weekend which was really yummy.

That's my latest retro linen tea towel hanging in front of the stove. From the Gold Coast of course! I think Queensland is responsible for 75% of touristy tea towels in Australia. Another bargain for only $5.

Looking forward to visiting the Sydney Quilt Show in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to find some bargains and catch up with some of my quilty friends!