Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy Days

What funny weather we have had over Christmas! This photo was taken at Medlow Bath on Christmas Eve.

And this one at Blackheath.

Not the sunny Aussie Christmas we are used to and expect!

Our family went to the Hydro Majestic on Christmas Eve to celebrate our daughter's partner securing a new job in Hartley. It was a wonderful night. The misty weather did away with the view, however, this didn't really matter as we have seen it many times. The Hydro has been restored in grand style and no expense has been spared. The art deco interior is beautiful.

Seb, Erin and Rhys
It was a great backdrop to some impromptu family photos.

Christmas day was hectic but very nice. Way too much food was prepared. I think we could have fed twice as many people. Dessert was so impressive I had to take a picture!

Pavlova, Toblerone cheesecake, banana Christmas pudding and fresh fruit. With custard and cream of course!

This gorgeous and very tame Kookaburra came to visit our house this afternoon. We first saw him at a neighbour's place on Sunday where he patiently waited for some pieces of chicken.

I have never seen a Kookaburra this tame! I gave him two pieces of meat and I suspect he will be back tomorrow. Last seen heading off to another house in the neighbourhood.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Cheer

Here we are only a few days before Christmas. It always seems to come around so quickly, before all planned preparation has taken place.

Now that I am retired I had planned to have several handmade gifts ready and to have done some cooking above and beyond my usual Christmas cakes. However, I am sad to admit that none of these things have materialised! Maybe next year!!

These cheerful Chrismassy bottlebrush were trimmed from a tree that was damaged by the snow in October. They were too pretty to toss onto the rubbish pile and made a lovely show. It has never occurred to me to pick bottlebrush before.

This spectacular eucalypt is flowering in a nearby garden. Who said natives are dull and boring!

We have already had two bushfires here in the Blue Mountains. The first one was on Cliff Drive in Katoomba back in November and it sadly destroyed one home. We drove past the area on the weekend and the stark contrast between the burnt bush and the remaining scrub was evident. Already the burnt trees are sprouting new shoots at the base.

The next photos were taken on Narrow Neck Road in Katoomba. Unfortunately, my battery ran out so I could only take a few shots.

I have lived in the Blue Mountains for most of my life but I must admit that I tend to take the bush for granted. Its time to get out there and explore it some more. There are so many breathtaking places to visit right on our back door.

Thank you for reading my blog. Happy Christmas and a safe and healthy 2015.